KARATE: “Kata is about correct and proper form; engaging in a real fight is something else.”

TENNIS: “Tennis practice is about correct and proper form; playing in a real match is something else.”

To a certain extent, when practicing an art or skill you need to focus on technique and proper form. But many people worry TOO much on those aspects and wonder why they don’t get the results they want in competition.

Anyone can look good in practice but if you want to get results in competition you need to PRACTICE competitive situations.

Life works the same way. If you want to become a great public speaker, practicing in your living room is good up to a certain extent. In order to gain confidence speaking in front of people you need to…speak in front of people.

So practice good form and technique, but know when to stop preparing so much and start performing. Life doesn’t reward preparation, it rewards action.

“The best way to hit a target is to start firing and make adjustments.”

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