Message #52 I Will Not Should on Myself Today…

Do you have the word should in your vocabulary?

Today’s message is dedicated to the great Sarah Allen.

Many of us are guilty of using the word should constantly in everyday life. There is no “should”…in my opinion, if something is a should, make it a “must.” To everyone’s defense, people are busy and don’t have time for everything. But first of all, if you’re too busy…YOU’RE TOO BUSY.

People say the SHOULD go exercise or SHOULD quit smoking, but then you see them a few months later and ask them about it and guess what? They totally forgot about it! Don’t assume that just because you say should, you will do it. If you make it a “must” it sounds like it’s more paramount and you will get it done. Remember, don’t “try your best”…do “whatever it takes.”

Assume a dog’s tail is a leg…How many legs does a dog have?

Most people say 5. The correct answer is 4. Just because you ASSUME a dog’s tail is a leg, doesn’t mean it IS a leg. Don’t assume you’re going to do something just because you said you SHOULD.

Homework: Try to go all day without saying the word “should.” Heck, make it fun and count how many times OTHER people say the word “should.”

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