Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Kate Miller.

Focus is the key – whether you are in sales, cooking, sports or computers.

So let me test your focus…

A dog has four legs. Assume that a dog’s tail is a leg – how many legs does a dog have?

Most people say five.

Answer: Four – just because you assume that a dog’s tail is a leg, doesn’t mean that it is.

Don’t assume that you will become a better athlete.

Don’t assume that one day you will quit smoking.

Don’t assume that one day you will like your job.

Life doesn’t reward assumptions…

Life rewards action.

“Your focus is your future.”
-Oprah Winfrey

Thanks for reading.

Book update: A proof of “Game. Set. Life. – Peak Performance for Sports and Life” has been created and is being shipped to me. Once approved, it will be available for purchase.

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