From Arthur Ashe on Tennis

“It is not just the more talented player who wins. Some players may try a little harder. Some players may be a little smarter with strategy and tactics. Some players may be in better shape. Some players may have a better temperament for the game. All of those things, added up, can negate a talent advantage. For instance, if you ask who was more talented in his prime, John McEnroe or Jimmy Connors, it’s no contest: McEnroe. But if you look at the number of pro tournaments each has won, there is no comparison: Connors has one hundred and nine, McEnroe has seventy-seven. (Connors also leads in Grand Slam singles titles, eight to seven.) To be a winner, you must be a fierce competitor as well as a shot maker.”

Desire wins. Want it more than you’re afraid of it….

It doesn’t matter if it’s on the field, in the classroom or in the boardroom.

Thanks for reading.

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