“In order to be a great champion, you have to believe that you are the best. And if you don’t – pretend that you are!”

Have you ever worried about a big match, an important test or a significant presentation?

Of course you have.

The two things that can make or break your performance are worry and fear.

But everyone worries. Tiger Woods gets nervous before every shot.

Muhammad Ali used to be scared to death before a fight.

Pete Sampras used to throw up in the locker room before the finals of Wimbledon.

So what’s the difference between Tiger, Ali, Pete, and you?

Tiger, Ali and Pete feel scared and nervous, but they don’t act scared and nervous. They walk on to the course, into ring or on to the court, confidently.

The rest of us act how we feel, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The great athletes fake being confident and then they become confident.

You may not have the physical skills as the great ones, but you can have the same mindset and attitude as them…starting today.

Thanks for reading.

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