“Am I being hypnotized by society?”


“Do I know exactly why I’m here and CREATING the life of my dreams?”

Let me expand on that. I think that many people are letting their friends, family, the news and television control who they are instead of actually asking themselves who they are or why they are here. People are sheep, they just follow the flock. Just because your father was a doctor doesn’t mean YOU should be a doctor. Just because all the magazines show and say that everyone should look like a model, doesn’t mean it’s true. And guess what? We don’t need to super-size our food either.

And please stop using artificial sweeteners!!! Who cares how many calories you consume if you’re buried six feet under!

Athletes – you’re not competing against each other…you’re competing against yourselves. You don’t need to be a Michael Jordan, but you CAN become the best YOU! Are you just going out and playing or are you making the most of your practices and matches?

Everyone is so busy today, especially the kids, that we don’t have time to think about where we’re going. We don’t have time to get gas because we’re too busy driving. So make some time in your schedule that you can just think and be yourself and think about where you want to go. Be the architect of your future, not the prisoner of your past.

People think that bigger homes, nicer cars and the latest fashion are success…but they’re wrong. But that’s not it at all. What is?…

Time for yourself is everything. Creating the life that you want is everything. Enjoying and making the most out life is everything.

Now go out and start living the life of your dreams, but remember…

“You can’t make a dream come true if you don’t have a dream.”

Thanks for reading.

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