Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Michael Sachs, Ph.D. at Temple University.

Ever notice how athletes are superstitious?

Many baseball players don’t step on the foul line when hustling on and off the field.

Tennis players bounce the ball a certain number of times before they serve.

Eating the same meal before competition is also quite common.

Michael Jordan wore his college team shorts under his NBA uniform.

Not shaving until you get out of your slump happens all the time too.

Silly things, right?


New research shows that you may actually perform better if you are superstitious.

Rituals and lucky charms can help you–if you believe they can. They can give you added confidence.

When talking to Austin Romine, one of the Yankees’ top prospects who just played in the MLB Futures Game and the Eastern League All-Star Game, he told me that he has the same routine every single day. “Consistency off the field turns into consistency on the field,” shared Romine.

A long time ago, I wished someone good luck before a competition and they said, “I don’t need luck–I create my own luck.”

I guess they were right.

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