This happens every day; we do things and think that nobody is watching us. Most of what we do won’t get on international television, but you never know…

The things we do on a daily basis should be things we do when people are watching, for the most part. Obviously if you’re singing in the car by yourself, knock yourself out; but just make sure you look at the cars next to you first…

Thank you to Melissa Sapio for sharing this video.

Don’t forget about tonight’s free teleseminar on Peak Performance for Athletes…

Thanks for reading/watching.

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  1. Jen
    Jen says:


    I’ve been calling in constantly to your teleseminar and it won’t let me through; I keep getting “all circuits are busy…try again later.” I’ve called like 20 times already, if not more.

    So if I don’t get through.. don’t think I forgot, hah.


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