Today’s message is dedicated to everyone who “lives” for the weekend.

Are you reading this at work? Do you wish it was still the weekend? Are you counting the days to your next vacation? It’s raining today in the Princeton area…who cares? If I get depressed whenever it rains, I lose a whole day out of my life and I can’t get that back. Even if it’s raining, you can still do great things…you can still have a great day.

If you only get enjoyment out of weekends, that means you will only be happy 104 days a year…28.49% of a calendar year. OK, so let’s figure in your two weeks of vacation time a year…now we’re at a whopping 32%.

At the end of your life, will you be satisfied with being happy 32% of the time?

I know I won’t, that’s why I live every day like it’s my last. That’s why I’m doing what I love. That’s why I help others. That’s why I enjoy all the big and little things…the good and the not so good. The good makes me happy, the not so good makes me wiser. That’s why I don’t take life for granted, I cherish it. Besides, complaining zaps you of positive energy and then you attract more negativity in your life. You become your thoughts, so change your mind and change your life.

Life’s not a “got to” it’s a “get to.”

Thanks for reading.

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